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I received my Bachelor’s of Architecture from Pratt Institute School of Architecture in 2006. I am currently unemployed since my last office of the past 3.5 years, downsized tremendously. I received my LEED AP certification from the GBCI in 2009, and I am currently in process of taking NYS Architect Registration Exams (ARE).

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May 2006
NA Design Studio
Project Manager
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Brother of the Year ('05), Active Chair ('04), Shadow Award ('02)
Positions Held
President(2x), Vice President, Pledgemaster, Assistant Pledgemaster, Rush, Secretary, Alumni Chair(6x), Webmaster(3x), Social Chair, IRS/Trademark, Constitution(2x), Charity, Fundraiser, Master of Ceremonies(2x), Public Relations, Party, Sargeant at Arms, IGC, Historian, Graphics
Pledge Class
Big Brother
Peter "Deuce Blanco" Ragonetti
Little Brother(s)
Brandon "Lemon" Agnew

Thomas Scibilia

Thomas Scibilia

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